Robo 2.0 Movie Review : “Ban Cell Phones – Save The Birds”!

Robo 2.0 is the most talked high budget film from a few years and the magnum opus hits screen today. Here is 2.0 live updates and review from USA screening. 2.0 movie review covers its plot, taking and different crafts work.

Robo 2.0 Movie Review: 3.0/5.0

Before getting into that, here is the overview of Robo 2.0.

Starcast: Rajini Kanth, Amy Jackson, Akshay Kumar
Release DateNovember 28, 2018 (USA)
DirectorS. Shankar
Production companyLyca Productions
ProducersAllirajah Subaskaran, K. Karunamoorthy
Pre Release Buzz: Robo, which was released in 2010 by Director Shankar took the Indian movie to another level for its technical brilliance. Having said that the sequel Robo 2.0 too has a great buzz when the movie rolled on.
But with time, the movie lost its glory with new wonders like Baahubali, Dangal and other noteworthy films. After a long wait, Robo 2.0 came to enthrall the Indian audience. Let’s see what it holds.

The movie starts on a note with a bird lover’s(Akshay) suicide. After a few days public experiences disappearing of their cell phones for no reason. This grew up as a national urgency and Government calls for Scientist Vasee(Rajini) help.

Vasee and his Robo assistant (Amy Jackson) gets into this case to solve the mystery. Vasee proposes to rebuild dismantled Chitti to address this issue. How Chitti and Vasee investigate this case and what they discover in this process forms 2.0 movie’s remaining play.

2.0, the updated version of Robo Chitti is a technically brilliant film with a strong social message. Director Shakar known for his trademark message-oriented films and 2.0 carries that essence.

Over usage of cell phones destroying the natural life of many of birds and animals is a known and well-ignored issue. Shankar narrated this with a scientific screenplay involving positive-negative energies and awestruck VFX work.
Performances: Rajini – Akshay’s confrontations scenes and Professor Akshay’s sentimental background worked well. Other cast and crew supported this main plot with sufficient contribution.
Director mainly focused on the message so, this caused some lag and boring in the screenplay.
Sequel On Cards? 

Yanthara Lokapu Sundari song comes at the post-film titles rolling. This stands out in the whole film, hints at Robo 3.0.

Rajini, Akshay was just brilliant in their roles. Amy did a supporting role. Director Shankar deserves all applause for his patience and taking in putting this sensitive point on the screen.
On the final note 

2.0 may not be as spectacular as Robo first version, but this has much more depth and technical brilliance. While Rajini-Aish’s robot has a conflict of human emotions, 2.0 has a social message about adverse effects of technology.

Bottom line

“Ban Cell Phones – Save The Birds”!