Antariksham Review : Too Many Plots Makes it Unnatural!!

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Antariksham Review: 3.0/5.0

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DirectorSankalp Reddy

Music byPrashanth Vihari

Production CompanyFirst Frame Entertainments

ScreenplaySankalp Reddy
Pre-Release Buzz: Antariksham 9000 KMPH made a good buzz as first space film. Also the involvement of Sankalp Reddy, the Ghazi director kept the expectations high.
Since Sankalp made first naval based Indian film with an intense and powerful execution, Antariksham too expected in those lines. Let’s see how the film came on screen.
Story: Antariksham starts with Indian Space research center’s staff Srinivas Avasarala, Riya(Aditi) and their Boss Rahman. They land in a problem with satellite Mihira, which maintains communications across the globe. 
Dev(Varun Tej), an efficient astronaut comes to be part of Mission Mihira. What happens with Mission Mihira?  Why Dev left research before Mihira? What are the other missions he worked? These forms rest of the story.
Analysis: Definitely Antariksham stands as the first space film in Telugu, but too many missions and its execution made the film unreal. 
The space setup and walking in satellites, and on space made it a thrilling watch. And however, we have seen this in some Hollywood flicks. for them, it might not give that feel.
Sankalp did a commanding job on the technical front. Varun Tej, Aditi Rao, Satya Dev, and Sankar got good roles. They performed well. Lavanya got a limited role as Varun’s love interest.
Switching between space missions Mihira, Viprayaan, and Kinnera happens in the little span of time. This is where the originality missed in the screenplay. Apart from that Antariksham is a decent attempt.
On the final note, Give it a watch for its technical brilliance and some engaging stuff in space.
Bottom Line: Too Many Plots Makes it Unnatural!