Awe Review : An Extended Short Film That Appeals Only For ‘A’ Centers!

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Awe Movie Review

Awe Movie Review | Awe Review (2.75/5.0)

Awe Movie Cast & Crew :
Director : Prasanth Varma
Producer : Nani, Prasthanti Tipirneni
Music by :Mark K Robin
Cinematography : Karthik Ghattamaneni
Edited by : Goutham Nerusu
Production : Wall Poster Cinema 
Starring : Kajal Aggarwal , Regina Cassandra , Nitya Menen, eesha rebba , murali sharma, avasarala srinivas , Priyadarsi

Story: Awe story is tricky enough as it showcased in its promotions. Kali(Kajal) a girl who is in deep depression enters a restaurant to meet a bunch of different characters on a mission.Different threads come in one by one.,like ‘Not Acceptable’ relationship between two girls(Nithya and Eesha), A Girl Child who face abuse, A drug addict(Regina), A evil magician(Murali Sharma), An aspiring scientist(Srinivas Avasarala), A chef(Priyadarshi).

How all these characters related to each other and why story revolves around restaurant background is the only thing Awe carries! So Watch it on the screen!

Analysis: A Man Masturbated in Delhi Bus in front of Open Public., An 8-month-old baby named ‘Baby Nirbhaya’ ., we are reading all these in our daily life.That means we are walking back to stone age from cultured society.And we are accepting that!Awe is one of that kind attempt to make you realize what kind of society you are living in!

Awe smoothly touches some of the rough elements like women live in relation, child abuse, drug addiction, time travel, unseen powers!The attempt of arranging all these “Unacceptable But Happening” things in 115 minutes length is ‘Awe’.

All the actors were proved and established.No need to mention their acting capabilities. Each of them just lived in their characters.Nani, Raviteja’s voice-overs as fish and tree brings some laughs.

Director Prashant Varma’s bold concept can be lauded but one can easily make out that he got inspired by many notable takings around the movie world. So one cannot convince Awe as Prashant’s own film.Also, his taking levels were in lines of a short film.

Producer Nani spent adequately. Richness is shown in restaurant setup.It’s easy to find a location and present it rich. Nani followed this trick without wasting much money. But the whole thing cannot fit like a movie.One can say its a documentary or rich short film!

Karthik Ghattamaneni’s Cinematography is top notch.Mark Robin’s music was apt to the concept and soulful.

On a final note, Awe can be watched for its daring presentation and discussion of ‘Untouchable’ subjects. If you see movies only for entertainment, comfortably give a skip to Awe.

Bottom Line: An Extended Short Film That Appeals Only For ‘A’ Centers!