Balakrishna Cinematic Punches To KCR!

TDP- Congress’s Praja Kutami doing a rigorous campaign in Telangana. AP MLA Balakrishna joined this fight and hurling cinematic punches to opponents in public meetings. People seemed impressed with his dialogues.. do all these claps turn to votes??

As part of the public address in Gaddi Annaram, Balayya said “KCR separating people by regions. He even challenged to come AP. Let him come!! will see there”. He went on to told “I ‘ll see if things go that wild. If I talk in Hindi., everybody understands.. what this TRS talking about my language?”.

KTR-Pawan-Kapu Card

Later he tried to cover with some soothing words on localities like “If people think anybody has to go!! Am living here. Why I would say Telangana people are not important to me”.

Balayya Road Show in Gaddi Annaram