Bhopal Scientist Killed Self To Marry Soulmate in Rebirth!

Studies are to improve the human way of thinking and the way he handles things!! But how to take it, when a highly educated scientist commits suicide in name of rebirth?A Bhopal scientist, who is working as a nano research scholar ended life to meet his gay partner in rebirth.

Going into details, Nelot Paul Circar, a scholar left a letter in his room before he took the extreme step.It reads ” I have seen Kali Maatha in my dream on October 30th,2016., i.e day of Diwali.She told that I ll meet my partner soon, but we can be together in next birth only. I met him as she said and given myself to him.It’s time to meet him. Thus am ending my life.”

Bhopal Researcher kills self

Circar’s family, who are well educated shocked to know about their son is ‘A Gay’. His body was found in a nearby lake.Family members told he was taken to psychiatrist earlier.