Big Boss Telugu Season 2 Contestants Are Here!

Next big thing in Telugu small screen is about to start., i.e Big Boss Season 2. Hero Nani hosting this reality show after NTR’s energetic outing in season 1.As the promos are luring viewers about the show., meanwhile few crazy names coming out as contestants. Here are Big Boss Telugu Season 2 contestants as per the anonymous sources.

Tarun: The yester year’s lover boy taking this opportunity to get back to Tollywood. His name in drug scandal too might rise curiosity in viewers.

Gazala: Another yester year’s heroine who has crazy hits like Student No 1 making a come back with this show. She is pretty and can garner good attention from viewers.

Tejaswi Madiwada: The hot n cute girl of Tollywood definitely a glam add-on for Big Boss. She can keep the male audience sleepless with her trendy and glamorous outing.

Shyamala(Transgender): Shyamala who shot to fame with her TV show’s might turn some audiences.

Geetha Madhuri: The mass singer has a unique charm and sure she can make her presence felt in this reality show.


The shoot of this show will commence in this month in Annapoorna studios.