C/o Kancharapalem Review : 4 Love Stories Of Our Village!

C/o Kancharapalem Review: 3.75/5.0

C/o Kancharapalem has no notable names on its face except Suresh Productions and Rana Daggubati. Yet with good promotions from celebrities and premiers, The movie has a good pre-release buzz.

As shown in the trailer, C/o Kancharapalem is about different people and their love stories with different backdrops in a village called Kancharapalem. The baseline is the same as of “Chandamama Kathalu”. 

There are few love threads from a school going children to 50 years elderly man. But the narration carries that innocence and naturality in each story. There is enough complexity in each thread to touch burning n sensitive issues that our society facing.

C/o Kancharapalem is a movie to watch over n over on your home theatre or TV. But this won’t give a great feel in theatre. Generally, we prefer popcorn movies to be watched in a theatre, but do not want to see ourselves on screen. Kancharapalem may fail in this aspect. Otherwise, it is an artistic film that many can connect themselves.

For the budget they picturized this, a few shows are enough to get profits. So Rana and the team choose a Win-Win Formula for this film. Suresh Productions are there in this business for decades. We cannot underestimate them.

Midhunam, Chandamama Kathalu, Mallela Theeram Lo, Oka Manasu………… C/o Kancharapalem!! These are to keep in your library.