5% Of EBS Reservations Allocate To Kapus

PM Modi allotted 10 per cent reservations for economically poorer sections in upper castes to capture middle class voters. Now AP CM Chandrababu Naidu decided to allocate 5 percent for the Kapu voters while the remaining half will be meant for the other upper castes in AP.

Chandrababu’s move regarding the Kapu reservations made everyone dumb. With this he can easily capture Kapu vote bank and also gave a counter to BJP leaders. As YS Jagan is breaking all links with the Kapu vote bank, Naidu is carefully building bridges with this community to ensure victory in the elections.5% Of EBS Reservations Allocate To KapusCBN has drawn tremendous response even from the Jana Sena cadres in East and West Godavari districts. With the Kapu reservation decision, TDP is aiming to get support from the Jana Sena Party in future electoral scenarios.