CBN’s All-Party Meeting Ended As A Big Failure?

AP CM Chandrababu Naidu extended invitations to the political parties for the All-Party Meeting on Wednesday to discuss about the action plan for achieving Special Category Status. The meeting proposed by TDP is clearly an attempt to convey that all the parties who attended have been fighting for the same cause. 

Pawan Kalyan gave a big shock to Chandrababu by saying he won’t be attending such meetings meant for political mileage. He questioned, ‘Why should we attend All-Party Meeting when no concrete measures were taken by the Government to achieve Special Category Status? Is it fair to extend invitation Today for the meeting to be conducted Tomorrow? What is the agenda of this meeting?’.CBN's All-Party Meeting Ended As A Big Failure?Moreover Pawan attended Undavalli’s All-Party Meeting on Tuesday. YCP, BJP, Janasena and Left parties in alliance with JSP would skip the meeting which means All-Party Meeting ends up a big failure even before the start.