ChiLaSow Review : Feel Good “Pelli Choopulu”!

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ChiLaSow Review: 3.25/5.0

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Akkineni fort’s struggling hero Sushant wanted to give his luck a try with ChiLaSow. Actor Rahul Ravindran turned Director with this movie. Annapurna Studios invested on this low budget flick trusting Rahul’s narration n caliber. The movie hitting the screens today. Let’s see how ChiLaSow is a different film as the team promoted.

Story: Arjun(Sushanth) is a frustrated “yet to married” guy who is pissed of with marriage system. He meets Anjali(Ruhani Sharma) on his mother’s insistence. How things turn up in their first meet and do they like each other forms rest of the story.

Analysis: ChiLaSow storyline is thinnest possible. What works in these kinds of movies is narration and heart touching dialogues. Rahul passed in distinction when it comes to dialogues.

Though it’s a simple love story the way Rahul narrated it with a good bunch of feels and romantic scenes made it a successful formula film.

Sushant did a decent act and like his family hero Sumanth, he suits well for this subtle stories than the louder masala films. His soft looks and ease in action make one feel him as a “Boy-Next-Door”.

Ruhani Sharma, who looked natural and simple in trailers made her mark with ChiLaSow. Her calm n innocent looks suited well to her role.

Anu Sharma as Sushant’s mother, Vennela Kishore as his friend dd some good comedy. Rahul Ramakrishnan comes n go.

Prashanth Vihari’s music was ok n suited well to the theme of the movie. This is a simple n straight forward low budget flick. Yat Annapoorna Studios made every frame to look bright n rich.

On the final note, ChiLaSow is a feel-good film with superb dialogues. Watch it for Rahul’s splendid work.

BottomLine: Feel Good “Pelli Choopulu”!