Delhi Air Hostess Anissia Batra Jumped Off Terrace And Died

Three days later the news came in to lime light. Anissia Batra, who worked with Lufthansa Airlines, had been physically and mentally tortured by her husband Mayank Singhvi for dowry. On Friday, the Delhi Air Hostess jumped off the terrace of her home in Panchsheel Park, and was declared dead when took to hospital. Police carrying out second autopsy that will be video-graphed on the demand of her family, which suspects murder.Delhi Air Hostess Anissia Batra Jumped Off Terrace And DiedThe family alleged that Ms Batra had been tortured since she married Mayank Singhvi in 2016. He is an alcoholic who often beat her up and demanded money, claims the family. Last month her parents filed a case against Mayank but in vain. A case has been registered and her family members are being questioned, the police said. The police have sealed the apartment and locked the room.