Devarkonda Mouthing Andhra Slang For The First time?

Vijay Devarkonda who is familiar for his Telangana slang will be mouthing his dialogues in Andhra slang for the first time in ‘Dear Comrade’. It is known that the film is all set in the backdrop of Kakinada. Vijay had spend plenty of time with the people of Kakinada and developed a bond with the place and people.Devarkonda Mouthing Andhra Slang For The First time?It’s learnt that Devarkonda became emotional while leaving the place as the Kakinada schedule wrapped. The local people treated him with the special dishes of the area. Obviously, Rowdy was moved by their love and developed a special bond with the people there. Rashmika Mandanna is the female lead and Bharat Kamma is the director.