Dil Raju To Give Another Chance For RajTarun?

The talented young chap RajTarun, is going through difficult times in his career. With back to back flops like Rangularatnam, Rajugadu, and Lover, this young hero is into thinking mode and currently had no projects in his hand. The mega producer Dil Raju wants to RajTarun for sure.Dil Raju To Give Another Chance For Raj Tarun?Apparently, there is this script developed basing on a Turkish movie for Mahesh’s nephew Ashok Galla in Dil Raju’s compound. That project got scrapped and they are developing another script for Galla. Latest we hear is that Dil Raju got few changes made to the scrapped project and is now taking that off with RajTarun. 

If everything goes as per reports, Then Dil Raju might showering the golden beam of light on the young hero.