H-1B Visa Fraud Case : Indian CEO Arrested!

There are agencies and consultancies who try to cash on Indian’s American dream from many decades. They take huge money from applicants and offer jobs by creating false projects and documents. This open dark market sometimes tastes real bitterness, which changes the whole future of the people involved in those scandals.

A Fraudulent case registered in Silicon Valley on an Indian CEO with similar allegations. Kishore Kumar(46) doing this business by running 4 IT Companies. By collaborating with few consultancies, he is offering fake project works to Indian IT specialists and processing H-1B Visa’s. This leads him to be a convict in 10 counts on charges of H-1B visa and mail fraud.

US H-1B Seekers Opting For Canada

H-1B Visa Fraud


Kishore Kumar hails from California, a Staffing Specialist has been into this business from 2007. He held four companies Scopus Consulting Group, Inc.; ITECH Analyst Corp; Infinity Methods Corp; and Orian Engineers Incorporated as CEO.

If held guilty, Kishore will get 10 years in prison and a maximum fine of $250,000 for each count of visa fraud. He was accused of submitting fraudulent documents to both the Department of Labour and the Department of Homeland Security.