Kaala Movie Review : Few Rajini Mark Sparks Works!

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Kaala Movie Review(2.75/5.0) 

Director: Pa. Ranjith
Music Director: Santhosh Narayanan
Choreography: Murali G
Producer: Dhanush
Starring: Rajinikanth, Nana Patekar, Huma Qureshi

Kaala produced by Dhanush had Rajinikanth in the title role. The film among many release hurdles releasing today amid low buzz. Rajini’s mass avatar scored low points and it was heard that the movie based on Mumbai based don Haji Masthan life. Yet the team condemned this. Check Kaala Movie Stills

Rajini will be seen as a man from Tirunelveli who escapes to Mumbai as a child and goes on to become a powerful don living in Dharavi slums. 

Story: Kaala (Rajini) is a Mumbai based local, who lives happily with his family in Dharavi. He works for his people and solves their issues.

Aspart of “Swatch Mumbai” campaign Minister Hari Dada(Nana Patekar) wanted to clear off Dharavi land, where he confronts with Kaala. How Kaala fights n saves his land narrates rest of the story.

Analysis: Pa Ranjith made another honest attempt by sticking to the concept of “Stand for Your Rights”.In executing this, he went slow on few parts and racy on few parts. Yet not compromised on single themed narration. His attempt is laudable, but how the film works at the box office with this “Not So Appealed” theme to be seen.

Times are in for racy, styled n realistic urban content. Mumbai, Slums, People, Rights., all this sounds little outdated. Also, the Telugu version has improper dialogues and unappealed songs.

Rajini never fails in action and in Kaala too. He shines in every frame he is in and the pre-interval flyover fight and interval blocks are highlights of his massy action. Many dialogues pointed at his political aspirations.

Huma Qureshi was good n did well in her limited role. Nana Patekar shows mettle in his flat role. Shiyaji Shinde, Eswari Rao, and Others did their bit.

Music by Santhosh was a misfire and the songs looked too average on screen. Production values ., the movie base don slum and it’s obvious that movie made on a low budget.Seems Dhanush played a safe bet with Ranjith. Anyway, with Rajini’s name, the movie works for few weeks leaving the result aside.

On the final note, Kaala is another Rajini brand film with his elevations and larger than life dialogues cooked up in Mumbai slum based story. Give it a watch if you can take up rustic Tamil flavor in Mumbai slum.

Bottomline: Few Rajini Mark Sparks Works!