Lagadapati Survey is Fake : KTR Leaks Whatsapp Chat!

Lanco Rajagopal aka Lagadapati comes and goes when Elections are on board. This time too this businessman from Vijayawada predicts some poll results. Lagadapati survey numbers came in favor of CBN-Prajakutami, which obviously irks TRS and team.

This evening Lagadapati held a press meet and told few details about his flash survey on Telangana elections. According to him, Congress lead Prajakutami is going to give a tough fight to TRS. He even told some winning candidates names from different constituencies in Telangana.

Mahakutami leaders in trouble

After this press meet, KTR tweeted a pic of Lagadapati chat with congress officials from Telangana. The chat says TRS is going to have a good majority of 70 seats.By exposing this, KTR slams Lagadapati and CBN.

KTR told “These Lagadapati’s, CBN’s are political tourists. They will disappear after the 7th of December. Wait and See. All these last-minute surveys are nothing but to influence voters”. Here is the Whatsapp chat KTR posted.

KTR Leaks Lagadapati Chat