Mental Madilo Movie Review | Mental Madilo Review


Mental Madilo Movie Review : 3.0/5.0

Cast : Sree Vishnu,Nivetha Pethuraj

Analysis : Mental Madilo came to theaters with one of many films released today. But with its taking and touching content, Mental Madilo soon going to be the Box Office Winner.Definitely with its touching story and feel good narration, it stands out as a memorable film.

The film came from “Pelli Choopulu” producer Raj Kandukuri proved his classy taste once again.Director Vivek Atreya falls in the category of directors Nandini Reddy, Tarun Bhaskar and Sekhar Kammula who can etch urban love stories neatly.

Vivek established characters very well in first half and run tightly gripped story in second half. You never feel bored of any scene and travel with each character. That’s the beauty of his narration.

Actors Sree Vishnu, Nivetha just got into shoes of their characters as confused IT employee and Independent girl effortlessly.They both are the soul of the film.

A Fixed marriage between different personalities, a light thread of another girls interference, importance of human relations showcased very warmly and heart touchingly.

Finally, It’s a movie to watch again and again.Go for it this weekend to get good entertainment.