Movie Review : Raju Gari Gadi 2 (2.5/5.0)

raju gari gadhi 2 movie review

Raju Gari Gadhi 2 Movie Review : Neither Horror Nor Comedy!! An Emotional Drama!!

Analysis : With the energy Raju Gari Gadhi success given to Director Omkar, he planned a sequel with 2 big stars.

Not sure, what made Nagarjuna and Samantha excited about it, they accepted to be part of it. Teaser, trailer everything looked very regular in lines of story and horror content.

Few goes on a vacation, experience chill moments, they suspect on a ghost. Some saving grace comes in form of psychiatric  or doctor.A revenge story of ghost follows. Same regular horror comedy stuff filled in teaser and trailer.

But expectations were good enough on RGG 2 as Nagarjuna and Samantha playing lead roles. Actors do accept films like this believing director, because only his taking makes difference.

Unfortunately, Omkar didn’t do any wonders. He just followed the regular format. First half filled with regular horror comedy scenes. Second half is completely a different film of emotional genre.

Nagarjuna seen composed in his role. Samantha did justice to her patho role. Seerat has nothing to do with the film.Comedians Vennela Kishor, Praveen wasted completely in their roles. Ashwin has a routine character.

Having noted actors, rich production values, good technical values added some weight to the film.

If nothing to do this weekend, opt for it. Other wise, relax..! It will stream in Amazon Prime soon.