Movie Review : Secret SuperStar Hindi Movie(3.5/5.0)

secret superstar

One of the finest actors in India, Ameer Khan came to theatres this Diwali with ‘Secret SuperStar’. Premiers and celebrity shows got thundering reports, with each celebrity terming it as one of the fine works of Indian Cinema. Lets see how it fared at normal box office.

Cast: Aamir Khan, Zaira Wasim, Meher Vij, Raj Arjun
Director: Advait Chandan

Review : The story is about a 15 year teen girl who belong to an orthodox muslim family. She has her interests lies in singing, but her family pulls her back.

Then she takes to Youtube and does some singing videos . How her talent gets received by world forms the rest of the story.

Aamir plays a special role as Shakthi Kumar, portrays a role which digs in to entertainment industry,award shows with humour.But Secret Superstar never loses sight of its principal purpose, a daughters battle.

Zaira Wasim is a treat to watch in this role. She is into melodrama completely.Her confrontation scenes with her parents were too good.

Meher Vij played as Zaira’s mother steals the show with her middle class mom character. She gets battered between husbands orthodox ways and daughters flying high dreams.

Director Advait never looked as a debutante. He took some scenes in regular Bollywood filmy style, other than that not much to point out.

Verdict : Another Inspiring Tale!!