Mr Majnu Review : Akhil Shines But Story….

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                                        Mr Majnu Review : 3/5.0                               

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DirectorVenky Atluri

Music bySS Thaman

Producers: BVNS Prasad

Pre-Release Buzz: Mr Majnu movie is a romantic entertiner directed by Tholiprema fame Venky Atluri. The film got a good pre release buzz with an ensemble cast, impressive music and picturesque visuals. Akhil pinned all his hopes on this film to get a break in his career. Teasers and Trailers made fans enthusiastic about the film.
Story: Vikky (Akhil) who is a bigtime flirt and a Casanova completes his post graduation in the US and returns to India. He meets Nikki (Niddhi Agerwal)an NRI girl who wants her husband with the qualities of Lord Rama, in the flight. The duo travel to India for their cousin’s marriage. Nikky falls in Love with Vikky and proposes a 60 day relation ship. Vikky couldn’t go with the relation ship but after missing her he realizes their love. How he convinces the girl forms the remaining story.
Analysis: Akhil puts up an extremely restrained performance, showing good progress as an actor from his Akhil and Hello days. Family bonding scenes between Rao Ramesh and Akhil came out well. Director quickly establishes the characters and their characterization but due to too many characters in three families combined, it will be a bit confusing initially for audience to get hold of who is who. 
Director succeeds a part with Hyper Aadi comedy in the second half. A few emotional sequences and comic bits from Priyadarshi spring some momentum into the proceedings. More comedy would have helped as second half seems boring. The film seems to be a mixture of Geetha Govindam and Tholiprema to some extent.
Bottom Line: The second half feels stretched and lengthy. Still, Mr Majnu isn’t bad and ends up as a passable watch. Director Venky is able to engage family audience and youth with emotional scenes and youthful elements.