My Question Paper is Different

question paper

Life creates different paths for each of us, throws different problems to deal with, shows different solutions.

Generalization wont apply for many things. What you think utterly wrong to do at that time might be a compulsion at other end.

So, don’t judge easily and talk low about others. And don’t give unnecessary advice when you were not sure about the situation.Gossiping ,poking in others lives, cooking stories might give good time pass. But its stealing others privacy and disrespecting them.

Sometimes others expects a listening ear, nothing else. Some seek for an advice. Unless and until, they ask for an advice, never go for it. When you can value others better, you can love your self more.

We tend to talk cheap about many people around us.., like a drunkard/drug addict, a divorced lady  or about an over talking neighbor uncle.

That drug addiction might be his inability to handle some kind of pressure or depression. She might be having hundreds of reasons to divorce his partner. Will you be happy if she die of those problems than living alone?That neighbor might be fighting loneliness and ignorance of family. He must be getting relief by talking  to others.

We cannot offer an helping hand for everyone off their agonies, but we can value them just not talking bad about them.So, next time when you are about to make a comment, do a self check. That will stop you blabbering something.