Weekend Fight : Naa Nuvve Vs Sammohanam!

After the long vacuum at the box office after Mahanati, two notable films are making to theatres this weekend. Kalyan Ram, Tamannah’s Naa Nuvve, Sudheer Babu, Aditi Rao’s Sammohanam hitting screens in a day’s gap. Naa Nuvve Latest Posters

Interestingly the movies are pure love stories and can get a good run at the box office if they pass the release day test. Jayendra who made 180 with Sidhharath in 2011, yielding megaphone for breezy love story “Naa Nuvve”.

On other hands, feel-good love stories specialist Mohana Krishna Indraganti made Sammohanam as a love story between an actress and video game maker. As both are coming under the same genre, comparisions are obvious and it has to be seen which film scores better.

Naa Nuvve Vs Sammohanam