NOTA Review : Vijay Looks Suffocated In This Tamil Political Drama!

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NOTA Review And Rating: 2.75/5.0

నోటా మూవీ రివ్యూ తెలుగు లో

Geetha Govindham Movie Review

Release dateOctober 4, 2018 (USA)
DirectorAnand Shankar
Music composed bySam C. S.
ProducerK. E. Gnanavel Raja
Production companyStudio Green
LanguagesTelugu, Tamil
After Geetha Govindham, Vijay has chosen a different kind of subject with bilingual NOTA. As general elections nearing by, the film’s point making a huge buzz. Let’s see what NOTA holds for current scenario of politics.
Story: Varun(Vijay Devarakonda) is AP CM Vasudevan’s(Nasser) son lives in London comes to India for a vacation. A scam made by Vasudevan leads him to make Varun as temporary CM.
Vasudevan’s jail term and subsequent murder plan made Varun to continue as CM in unavoidable situation.
Meanwhile, Varun happens to see some problems in state and starts making decisions. And he takes help of a magazine editor Mahaveer(Sathya Raj) in solving these. 
How states political scenario turns up after Varun turns CM and does Vasudevan got back his political fold? What’s the family drama unfold in between these forms rest of the story.
Analysis: NOTA is a complete Tamil flavored political drama having Telugu dialogues for Telugu audience. Just because Vijay is there, they must have planned it for bilingual to cash on his craze in Tollywood. 
The movie starts on a un-syncing pub song, where Telugu’s gets disconnects instantly. Later on., it looked fine with dialogues and makes one to sit in the chairs comfortably.
First-half filled with Vijay’s incompetence to be a CM, then a series of eventful scenes that make him realize the power of CM. Oppositions verbal attack follows to tag him as “Rowdy CM”.This makes him popular in the state. Things looked decent till interval.
Second half falls flat and tests one’s patience with nonsense logic and irrelevant threads. Someone executes Murder plan on Nasser, who just gets bail in “Luxury Bus” scam. A bomb just explodes under him, but he gets saved leaving 6 security guards dying is heights of cinematic liberty.
Sathya Raj’s love track sounds “Is It Necessary?” feel, Priyadarshi Panama track looks most awful. Nasser’s well being maintained as a secret, MLA’s Resort episode, Nasser promoting some dumb fellow as CM, Vijay winning no-confidence motion., everything looks like some serious parody on Tamil politics.
Vijay role itself looks helpless and clueless in many situations. He just did his bit for this half-baked drama. Mehreen as the daughter of Sathya Raj is not the heroine of NOTA., she just has extended cameo. The role neither has screen space nor anything to do. Sanchana Natarajan has a good role as opposition leader’s daughter. Tamil Bigg Boss 2 fame Yashika did a small role as Vijay’s friend.
Nasser and Sathya Raj has better roles than any of other castings including Vijay. Nasser as an actor turned politician shown different negative shades in his CM role. Sathya Raj too got a meaty role as Editor cum Hero’s political help.
Director Anand Shekhar tried to fill too many things in one film., which looked clumsy and pointless. Music and Background score is another big minus for this film. Also the runtime. Editor hesitated to cut so much crap.
On the final note., NOTA has nothing to do with its powerful title. The tile and movie story has no relation at all. The movie is a regular political cum family drama. This might have done little better if it would have come before Bharat Ane Nenu. Its a one time watch for Vijay..! 
Bottom Line: Vijay Looks Suffocated In This Tamil Political Drama!