Telangana MahaKutami Termed As East India Company

Asaduddin Owaisi addressed Public Meeting at Milad Gound Jalal Bagh Sangareddy District, Telangana. It is known that all the left and opponent parties joined hands to form Mahakutami with an aim to defeat TRS in coming Telangana Elections. AIMIM President  slammed this grand alliance by saying that this is not Mahakutami but it cab be represented as 2018’s East India Company.Telangana MahaKutami Termed As East India CompanyOwaisi says that the decisions of Telangana are to be made in Hyderabad. But not by Chandrababu Naidu who sits in Vijayawada or RSS from Nagpur or by Congress in Delhi.  Owaisi claimed that there were several communal riots in AP during Naidu’s tenure as CM.