Paripoornanda Swami Expelled From The City

Earlier Kathi Mahesh was expelled from the city citing the reasons of creating unrest in society. Later his father and some other Dalit leaders pointed out – Only Kathi Mahesh was expelled from city as he is Dalit. As a counter to such allegations,  the Sree Peetham priest Paripoornanda Swami also expelled from the city for a period of 6 months.

Police taken the Swamiji into custody and they took him out of the city. Police did not specify where he was being moved to. But Speculations say that he might be moved to his own town Kakinada.Paripoornanda Swami Expelled From The CityPolice received several complaints  against Swami since November with respect to his controversy speech. The decision was taken by police to prevent any sort of antisocial activities happening in the city.