Pawan Joined Hands With BJP?

With the recent allegations on Nara Lokesh by Janasena Leader Pawan Kalyan, TDP is suspecting that BJP is behind Pawan and his comments. AP CM Chandra Babu Naidu expressed this doubt and commented “Unfortunately, there are some very big heads behind all this and they are trying to weaken TDP party”. Now the latest buzz in the media circles is that Pawan Kalyan is going to meet Ram Madhav.Pawan Joined Hands With BJP

Ram Madhav is one of the disciples of Amit Shah who mainly involves in sketching and executing electioneering strategies of Bharatiya Janatha Party. Even common man can suspect that the Janasena Leader joined hands with Saffron party, as the current sequence of events are almost in sync with Tammareddy Bharadwaja’s video. Pawan made a new allegation on Nara Lokesh, which can be leaked only by the Leaders in top position. Since YSRCP team never made this type of allegation and hence everyone is suspecting BJP.