Pawan kalyan Takes Strong Dig At Dirty Mess Around Him!

Pawan, who generally keep silent and ignores unnecessary stuff that goes with his name finally takes a dig at all that dirtiness in Denduluru public meeting. The Janasena chief seems took second gear in his political journey.

Everything doesn’t need to be answered, but there is a limit. Pawan’s name was being used positively and negatively in and around social media for many years. Even he took personal level abuse too at one point through Sri Reddy-Varma.

Pawan Kalyan Warns His Own Jana Sainiks!

It seems he vent all that anger and frustration at this meeting. He said “Everyone does whatever the nonsense they do and use my name in that. My life became that cheap.” hillariously. Though the language he used little absurd, the reply is a slipper shot to many abusers who used him.