Why Pooja Angry On 123Telugu?

Pooja Hegde tweeted about a post from 123Telugu and stated they are doing irresponsible journalism. All that the web magazine wrote was ” There was no truth on Pooja’s Drunk and Drive Case”.

They explained that Pooja left in another car as the car she was traveling struck in Drunk and Drive practice. But the actress thrashed this too telling she flew to Mumbai soon after the event.

In fact, 123Telugu cleared the air about the speculations. Yet Pooja seems furious on this story. She tweeted “I normally don’t respond to stuff like this but this is IRRESPONSIBLE JOURNALISM…NO SUCH thing happened, also would kind of be impossible since I flew to Mumbai straight from the event last night for some work. Please get your facts right before making up stories. Thank you.” mentioning the original post.

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