Raga Mounika Family Breaks Down By Seeing Her Lifeless

raga mounika death

It was reported that First year Engineering student Raga Mounika,hailed from Hyderabad committed suicide yesterday in Chennai Sathyabhama University.

Today her family came down to chennai to see her. After post martam body was given to Mounika’s parents.Seeing thier little daughter lifeless father Raja Reddy broke down and wept unconditionally.

He said mounika didn’t tell any happenings in college to them.”A little counselling would have saved my daughter. Sathyabhama college is responsible for treating my daughter badly and caused her death” raja reddy told to media while wiping off eyes.

Raga Mounika’s brother also studying in same college. He said,mounika made a video call to him before taking the extreme step. “When i heard her sounding down, i sensed some bad and rushed to her hostel,but security guard didnt allow me to get in.By the time i tried to reach her over call, everything was over” he added.

Be it Invigilators rudeness or college managements policies or raga mounika’s sensitive nature, a young life has gone leaving the family in misery.

As students venting anger on college, Sathyabhama university declared holidays till Jan 3rd 2018.