Rangula Raatnam Movie Review : Unexciting Ride!

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Rangula Raatnam Review

Rangula Raatnam Review | Rangula Raatnam Movie Review (2.0/5.0)

Cast: Raj Tarun, Chitra Shukla, Priyadarshi, Sitara
Written & Directed: Shreeranjani
Editor: Sreekar Prasad
Music: Sricharan Pakala
Production House: Annapurna Studios
Release Date: 14th Jan 2018

Annapoorna Studios releasing Rangula Raatnam as Sankranthi gift. Starring Raj Tarun and Chitra Shukla in lead roles, the love entertainer coming to theatres on Jan 14th.

The trailer and teasers of the film promised a cool romcom. Raj Tarun love rift with Chitra, friendly bond with mother Sitara seemed cute and beautiful.Comedian Priyadarshi too got a meaty role after Pelli Chupulu.

Story: Vishnu(Raj Tarun) who works in Emotions Greeting Cards company is a happy go lucky guy. He happens to see Keerthi(Chitra Shukla) in a Wedding Ceremony.

After a series of incidents, the duo fell in love with each other.Keerthi who is possessive and over cautious about Vishnu irritates him.  

Whether Vishnu and Keerthi solve their issues and stay together or get apart? What Vishnu’s mother Sitara has to do with Vishnu-Keerthi Love Track forms crux of the story.

Review: When Annapoorna Studios announced Rangula Raatnam all of sudden in Sankranthi Race, many though Nag giving a surprise with a nice movie.

But one can easily guess why makers didn’t make any pre-buzz about the movie. The movie offers neither comedy nor entertainment. Too Much sentiment and below average production values made the movie unbearable.

Raj Tarun did his usual role with ease.Chitra looks cute and did a fine job on acting front. 

Sitara, who plays Vishnu’s mother role did a good job, but her character written on high emotional melodrama, which can go better with TV Serials.

Priyadarshi tried to evoke some laughs along with Raj Tarun. But that worked in bits n pieces only.

It’s first of its kind that Annapoorna produced till date. Productions Values were bad in some scenes.

Director Shree Ranjani failed to balance the sentiment and comedy in right proportions.Sricharan Pakala music was not up to the mark.The Loud music didn’t go well with the story.

On a final note, Ranula Raatnam doesn’t create the magic like ‘Uyyala Jampala’. The movie lacks soul and failed to bring the feel.Look out for it if you are utterly bored.

Bottom Line: The Ride is Unexciting in this Rangula Raatnam!