Same Dress Embarrassment..!

sam sruthi same dress

Once i was watching a movie ‘Anukshanam’ on TV. Tejaswi Madiwada,playing heroine sort of role appeared on screen. She wore a dress that i have. I just screamed in happy tone and told ‘Hey its my dress..!! :) ‘.

One another day, while i was shopping in manjeera mall, i saw a girl wearing a same dress that i wore. We both exchanged looks.She too noticed my dress and turned away. I could sense, both of us are embarrassed about it.

I kept checking on ‘why didn’t we go easy about it? What made us feeling so weird’. I got answer after a couple of self checks.

Its universal fact that every girl feels, she is unique and has a great choice. And generally they are jealous(Off course., we don’t agree :) ). When we are considering ourselves on top of the world, something drags us down when we see similarities in choices. So, that is an embarrassment for sure.

But its ok ladies.., After all, we all shop in same places. Its ok., it happens!!Even celebrities, who are on public platform been victims of this. There are many instances where actrors and actresses costumes,acting,dance moves gets repeated. After all they live in a small copy world.