Subrahmanyapuram Review And Rating : Reminds You Karthikeya!

Subrahmanyapuram is a scientific thriller in lines of 2014’s Karthikeya. Sumanth played a researcher in this. The film has a decent buzz in film circles. Let’s see what it took to theatres today.

Subrahmanyapuram Review: 2.75/5.0

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Starcast: Sumanth, Eesha Rebba

Director: Santhosh Jagarlap

Producer: Beeram Sudhakara Reddy

Music Director : Shekar Chandra

Cinematographer : R K Prathap

Editor : Karthika Srinivas

Story: Karthik(Sumanth) is a pure atheist, comes to a village Subrahmanyapuram as part of his research on Gods. Some people in the village commit suicide in regular intervals, where villagers believe it as a god’s curse.

How Karthik breaks this mystery and what he finds in this process forms the rest of the intriguing screenplay.

Analysis: The story makes you remember Karthikeya movie till pre-interval. Establishment of Hero’s character, his travel to Subrahmanyapuram, heroines meeting, few comic scenes create a watchable first half.

Pre Interval scenes and interval thrills make a way for “Subrahmanyapuram” real plot. This was pictured well. Later in the second half, the proceedings were quite predictable. This killed the thrill and excitement of this supernatural thriller. What makes you sit in seats is the “Mystery”.

Sumanth did a cake walk role. Eesha looked gorgeous in her ordinary girl role. Others supported the mystery-filled narration. Senior actor Suresh got a good role.

Director did a normal job. There is nothing to elevate his work specially.A first half filled with many regular scenes. A good comedy must have done some magic to this. The editor could have trimmed the boredom.

Camera work was ok. Sekhar Chandra BGM and a few songs are good to listen and watch. Overall, Subrahmanyapuram was a decent watch ignoring the comparisons with Karthikeya.

Bottom line: Reminds You Karthikeya!

subrahmanyapuram Review And rating