Telangana Verdict Plays Vital Role In AP Politics?

Telangana Elections are adding curiosity day-by-day. Many surveys and reports indicate a neck-and-neck between TRS and Maha Kutami in Telangana. Telangana Verdict day i.e; December 11th is a crucial day not only to Telangana but also for Andhra Pradesh.  If the result of Telangana is in favour of Mahakutami, TDP can have fortunes in AP.Telangana Verdict Plays Vital Role In AP Politics?But if the Congress-led Mahakutami fails to come to power in Telangana by any chance, it would be a death-blow to TDP in AP. The opposition parties can dominate easily in AP politics. Chandrababu Naidu is aware of this big risk and so he supported Congress even at national level. Anyhow 5 state results which will be announced on Dec 11th will decide the future of Congress and TDP.