Boxoffice Fight : Kavacham v NextEnti v Subrahmanyapuram!

This weekend, 3 notable films are ready to entertain Telugu movie lovers at the box office. Bellamkonda’s Kavacham, Sandeep Kishan’s Next Enti and Sumanth’s Subrahmanyapuram are all set to fight.

Setup in different genres, all the three has equal probabilities to impress. But nothing looks out of the box and too promising. Firstly, Kavacham is a thriller with a few racy elements. Next enti is a love vs lust romcom and Subramanyapuram is a scientific thriller.

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Having said that none of three has neither interesting stories nor crowd-pulling stars. Subramanyapuram has a similar storyline like Karthikeya, sets up around an ancient temple. Next Enti is a bold attempt on youth’s confusion between love and lust. Finally, Kavacham looks clueless with two beautiful heroines and a loud hero in police avatar.

If any of the movies impresses with the screenplay, that could be a winner for this week. Otherwise, all the three will go in a lot of scraps that already there on youtube.

Along with these three happening comedians Priyadarshi, Rahul Ramakrishna checking their luck with the loud comedy “Mithai”. Let’s see who wins it.

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