Theme Of Awe : Endless Pain n Little Hope!

Nani’s first film in his production house Wall Poster Cinema ‘Awe’ getting released on Feb 16th. The theme of Awe got released today and it carries an endless pain in each role the story has.

Showing a set of lyrics for each character, Awe theme sounded interesting and different.Though we try to guess what’s the Awe story has, still Nani and team didn’t reveal much.Watch Awe theme here.

Awe theme hints at Regina as a drug addict, Nithya as a girl who does some unconditional love, Eesha as an innocent girl who cannot speak on the people who harass her, Priyadarshi as a man seeking that ONE opportunity to grow big and Murali Sharma as an evil-minded.

But Srinivas Avasarala and Kajal roles revealing something about organ donation or receiving. Avasarala who is trying something with machines, waiting for right time and Kajal gives that one chance it seems.Remaining roles could be part and parcel of this main thread.Let’s wait until Feb 16th to unfold this painful drama.