TRS Clean Sweeps Panchayat Polls Also?

After Telangana State formed, the first -ever panchayat polls are being held. The first phase of elections for gram panchayats were held today (Monday). Elections in first phase were supposed to be held for 4,479 panchayats. But 769 panchayats were declared elected unanimously. Of which TRS bagged 610 panchayats.TRS Clean Sweeps Panchayat Polls AlsoThe panchayat polls for remaining 3,710 panchayats will be held in three phases. The latest trends indicate that TRS will clean sweep these polls. The TRS candidates are leading in over 3,000 panchayats. Though gram panchayat elections are not held on the symbols of political parties, the candidates contesting elections are backed by political parties. Though the results are to be announced by 9 pm on Friday, one can sense TRS victory easily.