Vidyullekha Raman Not Stopping Being Hot !

Vidyullekha Raman Hot

Reigning Comedian Vidyullekha Raman not stopping the Hot phots flow in her Twitter page. Today she posted another pic from the same photo shoot. This time she has shown full pic of her glamorous avatar.

Vidyu doing well in Tamil and Telugu movies. What bug gets into her mind is not known. Mentioning plus size modelling, independence of woman on her look, orthodox culture,body shaming., what not she tweeted so much stuff today.

Vidyullekha might be batting right thing only, but how many mouths she can make shut? How she make peace with self at end of the day by seeing negative comments in social media? Being bold or glamorous is her choice. But expecting Whole world’s acceptance for that may be little too much.

When she chooses to be bold, she should be bold enough to fight the negativity too. Hope she has it.