Vijayashanti’s Advise To Pawan Kalyan

Congress leader and actress Vijayashanti is analysing the recent KCR-Pawan Kalyan meeting at Raj Bhavan in her own way. She advises Pawan Kalyan not to fall in the trap of KCR. Ramulamma says that Jana Senani knows full well how untrustworthy is the TRS chief. 

Vijayashanti says KCR’s main agenda is obviously not formation of Federal Front at the national level but it is to make Pawan Kalyan support Jaganmohan Reddy in AP assembly election. She questions why KCR has not gone to AP to discuss Federal Front issue with Jaganmohan Reddy as he said before.Vijayashanti's Advise To Pawan KalyanVijayashanti is of the opinion that Pawan has full clarity about the TRS chief’s gimmicks which indicated Jana Senani’s highly unlikelihood of joining hands with Jagan.